Your Finance Director/Dept – Brand Development

I have know this client for sometime now, the main reason being, he is my accountant and a really good one too!

It came a time in their business’ life when it needed a bit of a refresh, an update primarily with the colour and font usage involved in the brand image that would help to bring this business forward and away from the dated brand they had previously. My client is involved in a great deal of network marketing, which is one of the main contributors to their business, so, the brief was simple, ‘an upgrade’, something that didn’t venture to far from the brand they already had but something that people could relate to and instantly recognise that it was them. It also had to be punchy so the obvious way that this brand achieves this is with the power of colour. Green, white and black, a colour combination that screams contrast and would also prove to work as a tool to eventually split the business into it’s now two halves : Your Finance Director and Your Finance From here my client required, business cards and letterheads to start and then we moved into the realms of exhibition graphics to which we created two roller banners and postcards to match for exhibitions. This was crucial to create two of everything to help digest the wealth of knowledge each part of my clients business has to offer. In short, a simple upgraded brand, easily recognisable to the networking world that would simplify and aid the two parts of my client’s business.