PIONEER Plumbing & Heating

Introduced to me this year was this small plumbing and heating business with BIG ideas! Pioneer Plumbing and Heating are a brilliant company and having used them myself I can honestly say that their customer service is excellent! Pioneer required a new brand image because the one they were using they had acquired when setting up their business from an online store. Not surprisingly there were many other vans in the area sporting this same logo. The brief was simple, they wanted something that screamed heating and plumbing and they were a fan of their existing logo, so I set about creating something eye-catching, bold and strong. The result was the elemental inspired form below. Originally the colours were flat but, as the elements they work with (fire and water) are fluid and ‘alive’ it made sense to inject some accent colours in there to lift the whole logo and brand to give it that sense of fluidity. From this, vehicle graphics were experimented with and are the next step for this thriving young business. To get them started though, Pioneer devised a way to reach their customers even faster with a quick response vehicle for which they immediately needed some graphics for and an example of this is shown below. This project was a joy to work on and the clients are incredibly hard working and dedicated to helping their customers.