Mango Mentals

Doing what I do I get to work with some amazing businesses and this one is absolutely no exception! Mango HR are a very vibrant, young business who have a totally unique approach to HR, an industry that is often viewed as a ‘stuffy’ industry that everyone needs and finds difficult to deal with i.e. compliance etc… Mango approach this by being friendly, open and extremely fun and forward thinking. Their business has embraced technology and as such they target businesses with this similar belief i.e. tech and creatives. To coincide with their fun approach to business they wanted something that would set them apart and with an already great logo in place they wanted some illustration work done to humanise them to help their customers feel more at ease with HR issues. They have been nicknamed the ‘Mango Mentals’ after the energetic and fast paced directors! It was a great project to work on and an amazing business to work with and this work has spanned the initial illustration work to stickers, signage, social media headers and there is more to come to watch this space and watch Mango…. They are going places!