This was a fairly small project for a great customer! A brilliant new coffee shop opening in Margate, who will specialise in Scandinavian inspired coffees and fresh snacks. The logo had to represent the Scandinavian design culture, so, very modern, crisp, clean and no fuss. The customer requested that the logo have a coffee grinder of some description in it and it had to be a classic ‘old school’ style of hand driven grinder. That was the brief. Black and White featured quite heavily in the visual research and for a coffee shop it is a good colour scheme to have and relates nicely to the ‘roasting’ element of the coffee. The idea to divide the grinder into two sections is to give the logo versatility. It can be used to frame images, text and also for POS signage and labelling of products. The black line underneath the text that the bottom of the coffee grinder creates, adds to the overall minimal nature of the logo and gives the name of the business ‘punch’ and a certain Scandinavian look. Everything about this logo is minimal in execution and style and was great fun to work on!