Kayleigh Alexandra – rebrand

This was an amazing project! This was produced for my business mentor who required a logo to help her stand out from the crowd and to reflect how brilliantly talented, creative and trustworthy she is. The brief was tricky because the market is saturated with business development/mentors so what we decided was to create a brand with colour at the heart of it to create a bold and attractive statement. The letterforms in the initials ‘K and A’ work very well together and using Baskerville as the base font to create the overlapped form in the finished product made perfect sense because they share very similar structural features.

The colour had to reflect the business/business owner and her favourite colour range is blues and teals, that conveniently signify, trust, honesty and loyalty, traits my mentor has in spades! The ‘creative’ side to her, that we just had to add to the mix, came in the overall form of the logo and how the shapes work with one another. Most of the letterforms do work together and overlap to form very attractive shapes but in areas I had to get creative and I had so much with it.

This is arguably my most ambitious logo project yet, and it was created to reflect a fantastically talented person who I hope to continuing work with and for, to make this a brand worthy of her talents!

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