Johnston Horsburgh rebrand

This project is for a Business Growth and Development company based in Bristol. They operate all over the UK and their primary function is to help businesses (primarily medium sized businesses) to grow to the next stage of their development in their market. They operate to a very precise level and offer a very professional service that cuts through the mess of a business and gets to the source of the problem to help it run smoother. They help with increasing sales and obtaining new leads. They required a very minimal brand image to further back up the ‘no nonsense’ approach to their service and a professional image to carry with them as they further their reach across the UK. The diagonal cutting line signifies a) advancement, increasing productivity and cutting problems and the JHL portion of the logo represent the initials of the business. I chose this approach as I didn’t want this brand to fall into the trap of including arrows and graph like imagery in the brand image that seems to be a cliche synonymous with the Business Development world.