DP Lab Equipment

DP Lab Equipment is a business that maintains and services sensitive laboratory equipment for companies in the aerospace industry. These machines range from small precision cutting devices to large industrial saws. I was introduced to the business owner a while ago and he expressed an interest in wanting his business to eventually be fully rebranded. They were going through changes in the business’ focus so it was put off as expected. Eventually the job was started and the brief was to create a logo that could make them look at home in larger business’ but not to intimidate the smaller ones. They wanted a feel of high quality and precision so the blue and gold colour palette was then introduced, a classic in the aerospace industry. The precision element came from the fragile glass like cross beam within the logo and they also wanted something fluid and sharp that represented the machinery they worked on so a sharp blade like edge was then added in the 3D portion of the logo, a nod also to the precision of a planes prop/engine blades. The engineering element came from the dark blue and also the symmetrical construction of the logo. Overall a huge mix of elements but a great project to work on and lovely clients to work with.