Craeg Photography

This is a very exciting project that is currently still ongoing for a very talented photographer based in California (USA). The customer started his photography business in Scotland 2 years ago of which I created the branding. The predominant theme of the customer’s work was ‘Life’, not just in Scotland’s beautiful countryside but also of the people and the places. The customer has now moved to California and his work has evolved to greet this change in location and way of life. I think you will agree the photography is of the highest quality so the branding had to be developed in order to compliment and fit nicely with the customer’s new American setting. ‘Hot rod’ red was a great initial choice that also related to the ‘LIFE’ magazine influence the customer wanted. The choice of red proved to be successful as the customer has always been a huge fan of ‘contrast’ also and his work is predominantly Black and White so the colour usage proved to be a winning combination. The brief in short, was to develop a piece of clean, minimal branding that would give the customer’s work a strong footing in his new American setting and that would compliment his stunning photography and I believe it achieves this nicely from brand to website!