Beyond Consulting – Rebrand

I met the business owner Michael during a networking event last year and I quickly realised that his company is something special. Michael has a huge amount of marketing experience that he has also combined with business development and has worked and coordinated some huge names in the technology sector! When setting up his own business, like many new businesses, he opted for the cheaper online solutions for brand identity to trial his new idea/approach. After nearly a year of this he realised that investment in a new brand identity was necessary to showcase the amazing company he has nurtured and developed. The brief required a logo that would appeal to the technology sector, a sector Michael has a great deal of experience in, hence the modern, sharp, crisp and minimal approach. Michael has also been through so much in his life in recent years and colour was something that was a key feature of this brand because the colours selected (green and gold/yellow) were used by him to signify this trying time and would give him focus and the passion to drive this brand on with pride. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a passionate and driven individual and because of this the project has been a huge success!